Activists protest Pak Embassy in London: Calls of “End occupation over Balochistan” and “Stop Genocide”

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Activists raising awareness to the plight of the Baloch minority in Pakistan made loud called of “End of occupation over Balochistan” and “Stop Genocide in Balochistan” at the Pakistani Embassy in London on Monday.

Several Baloch activists on Monday demonstrated outside the Pakistani Embassy in London against the “fake encounter” in the Ziarat district and the human rights violations in Balochistan, local media reported according to ANI.

Several protestors lined up in front of the embassy were holding placards in their hands with writings, “Restore human rights in Balochistan”, “End of occupation over Balochistan” and “Stop Genocide in Balochistan” on them.

They raised slogans demanding “Freedom for Balochistan” and that Pakistan Army is the killer of the Baloch civilians.

The protest was called by the Baloch National Movement demanding Pakistan end its occupation of Balochistan.

It is pertinent to mention here, that amid several media reports of missing persons and fake encounters, protests against the killing of missing persons have been intensifying in the country as well as abroad.

According to media reports, despite a legal and constitutional government in the country people are illegally and forcefully missed and then killed in fake encounters.

Innocent Balochs are being killed in fake encounters and their mutilated bodies are found in remote places, several media reports revealed.

Recently, the nine persons who were killed in fake encounters in Ziarat were first forcefully made to disappear.

The media wing of the Pakistan Army a few days back stated that the country’s army have killed five terrorists in a military operation.

Prior to that, the Pakistani Army had killed four terrorists on June 25 during an intelligence-based operation (IBO) in North Waziristan. Enforced disappearances are used as a tool by Pakistani authorities to terrorize people who question the all-powerful army establishment of the country or seek individual or social rights.

The report suggests that it is a crime that is often used by the authorities to get rid of people that are considered a “nuisance” without any arrest warrant, charge or prosecution.

The victims of these abductions, who are often youth, women, children, and elderly, are described by Amnesty International as people “who have literally disappeared.”

The organisation states that the authorities grab the victims from the streets or their homes and later refuse to say where they are. The forceful abductions are being carried out in Balochistan since the early 2000s. Students are often the most targeted section of these abductions.

The victims also include several political activists, journalists, teachers, doctors, poets, and lawyers.

The report added that tens of thousands of Baloch people have been kidnapped by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Pakistan Army personnel in the last 20 years.

Several victims have been killed and dumped and it is believed that many of them are still confined in the Pakistani torture cells. The authorities, including law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system, have long failed to demonstrate the political will to end enforced disappearances, reported Hakkpan Balochistan.

Moreover, the bill to criminalize enforced disappearances had been strangulated in between ministries since 2019 when it was first drafted but recently introduced to National Assembly.