What's next for Ukraine?

Volodymyr Zelensky ukraine

What's next for Ukraine? Let's just take a look into our crystal ball and see what the future holds for Ukraine and its people?

Well for starters there are no immediate plans to let it join the EU, despite the passionate appeals coming from Zelensky. Ukraine was an economic basket case before all this started, it's even more so now.

The last thing the Europeans need in their club is 45 million people to be carried financially for the next few decades.

No more cheap energy coming from Russia. That bridge they burned down a long time ago together with the ethnic Russians in the Union Building in Odessa. Come to think of it, it will be a long time before the rest of us see cheap energy again.

One way or another, exports of grain and steel will resume but that's nowhere near enough to get their economy off the ground.

Zelensky claims his country needs 600 billion in order to rebuild what's been destroyed. An exaggerated figure I'd say but if one is to indulge in wishful thinking, they might as well dream big.

I hear that donor countries have pledged 6 billion dollars in non-military aid for that country, barely one hundredth of the target figure.

The end of the hostilities in that country is not yet in sight. Zelensky may have been prepared to reach a compromise with Moscow on a couple of occasions, but Biden would rather fight the Russians right down to the last Ukrainian.

Let's face it, if the Americans withdraw their support for the current Ukrainian government, Zelensky and his lovely wife will be looking for new accommodation, preferably in another country, so for now, he dutifully follows the dictates of Washington.

The Russian military will continue its operations until they secure what I believe was their primary objective, the Donbass region which, together with Crimea seals off the Azov Sea.

The European leaders, pressured by their voters, will eventually come to their senses and accept the status quo in exchange for cheaper fuel that even the great US of A cannot secure for them, despite the assurances given by Biden.

Those Ukrainians that managed to secure refugee status in Europe will, in their majority, remain where they are, offering their professional skills and talents to their host countries.

All in all, a bleak forecast. Shame.

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