Turkish-Cypriot on trial for mocking occupation leader Ersin Tatar

Turkish-Cypriot Ersin Tatar

A Turkish-Cypriot, identified as Yudum, was referred to a trial in the occupied territories on the grounds that it insulted the Turkish-Cypriot leader with a post on Facebook, with which it commented on a photo of Ersin Tatar laughing while boarding a helicopter to tour the fire-affected areas last June.

He was accompanied by the Turkish Vice President, Fuat Oktay and the so-called "prime minister", Ünal Üstel, during the visit in question.

The newspaper "Avrupa", which refers to the matter today, writes that in its post on June 23, 2022, the Yudum stated: "Masquerades!!! His big brother has arrived!!! He is very happy. What will happen even if the country burns!!!"

According to the affidavit of the policeman Aykut Özkan in the occupation administration's court yesterday, Tatar filed a complaint against the accused on June 24, claiming that the post insults the "presidency of the TRNC (pseudo-state)."

On June 27, the defendant was called to the police of Turkish-occupied Nicosia and verbally stated that the post in question did not contain insults.

The post was sent to professors of linguistics and literature, who found that the post targets Ersin Tatas with insults, harassesment and provocations. The judge decided to release Yudum until the trial with a guarantor and a 30,000 Turkish lira bond.

In yesterday's post, Yudum wrote: "Following a complaint by President Tatar, I have been granted bail today. Know that you will not be able to uproot us from these soils. Whatever your tactics, whether you like it or not, I will never stop slapping you in the face with your mistakes, criticising you and fighting […]"

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