Serious accident in the Turkish Army: Paratrooper’s parachute did not open

Turkish army parachuter

Due to a technical malfunction, the parachute of a Turkish non-commissioned officer paratrooper instructor did not open when he jumped from the plane, writes a Turkish publication.

Specifically, as notes, in the Şivrihisar district of Eskişehir, the instructor, Senior Sergeant Murat Yılmaz, who jumped from the plane, fell to the ground and was seriously injured when his parachute did not open due to a technical malfunction during landing.

According to the publication, the soldier was giving parachute lessons at the facilities of the Şivrihisar airport administration.

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The instructor was seriously injured and taken to the Sibrihisar State Hospital by ambulance.

Due to his serious condition, he was transferred to Eskişehir University Medical School Hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit.

The investigation into the case is ongoing.

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