Too many Australians on Mykonos spoil holidays: Tourist complaint

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An Australian tourist has been complaining on social media that there are way too many Australians, particularly the wrong kind of Australians, partying on the island of Mykonos. The irony.

Per DoubleDay Today news outlet, the Sydney man reportedly said his holiday to the Greek tourist hot spot Mykonos is being overrun by ‘absolute blow-ins’ from down under.

“I’m so sick of all these muppets,” says Steve La Rosa. “They think they’re cool coming to Mykonos, but they are literally just sheep all following each other.”

Although the media outlet as not provided more details on the Sydney man including pictures of his social media posts, Greek City Times has no reason to question the veracity of the story. After all, how many times have you gone on holiday and bumped into people you thought you got away from!

'Steve La Rosa' is reported as complaining that he travelled to the summer party island to ‘unwind,’ and for a short break from Sydney’s pretentious scene.

“But now I’m completely surrounded by it,” he says. “And most of the Sydney people here now are from the western suburbs and stuff. At least I came here from Bondi.”