Fire in Thassos: Two fronts are burning uncontrollably in Skala

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An out-of-control fire broke out on Wednesday night (10/8) in the area of Skala Potamia on the island of Thassos.

Ground forces of the Fire Department and several volunteers have rushed to the scene of the blaze to try to put the fire out.

The flames are visible from the beach of Potamia, which currently can be brought under control as the fire is small. Still, it broke out just after sunset, making it impossible for aerial firefighting equipment to operate in the dark.

Residents of Kinira received a message via the 112 emergency number early Thursday morning to evacuate toward the village of Limenaria. 

The blaze started in a hard-to-reach area of the mountain shortly after dusk, making it impossible for fire dousing aircraft to fly. Early Thursday morning, the Fire Service boosted its forces, sending 102 firefighters with 33 vehicles and five teams operating on foot, while the army and volunteers have also mobilized. 

Some reports said that two volunteer firefighters were injured in the legs when a tree fell and received treatment at the local health center.