Greece Wins European Best Sniper Team Competition 2022

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Greece has just won Best European Sniper Team Competition for 2022 yesterday 11 August at the 7th Army Training Command’s Hohenfels Training Area, Germany.

Thirty-six sniper teams from 18 Allied and partner countries competed head-to-head for the title of Best Sniper Team in Europe across eight days of events designed to challenge each team.

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"These multinational competitions are about building relationships and sharing skills between the participants," said Command Sgt. Jeremiah Inman, U.S. Army Europe and Africa command sergeant major. "All of these elite warriors will leave with more technical and tactical proficiency, as well as a heightened sense of partnership and interoperability."

The next four winning teams came from Latvia, Italy, another from Greece, and Slovenia.

The sniper teams competed in aerial shoots, firing at moving targets, high angle shoots, trench warfare, unknown distance shots, stalks, night target detection, and a pistol course.

“It has been fun to work with and learn from other NATO countries,” said Sgt. Cameron Wilkins of the Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment. “It is important for us to build these relationships to show us where we stand and try and get better at our jobs.”