Despina Vandi sings to unsuspecting people in an alleyway in Paros (VIDEO)

Despina Vandi

Paros was chosen by Vassilis Bisbikis and Despina Vandi to spend the three days of the August 15 long weekend. On the occasion of the singer's name day, the couple decided to steal some time and make an escape to the island, having with them her son, Giorgos Nikolaidis.

The three of them visited a tavern on the island, where there was also live music. In fact, Despina Vandi did not hesitate to take the microphone and entertain the patrons.

The singer sat down and performed her hits with her soul, as well as the well-known song "This night stays", which refers to the new series of Alpha, where her lover will star.

The video of the beloved singer performing, sitting in the alley of the island, was published on her personal Facebook account by the owner of the tavern.

Watch the video:

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