Three Turkish nationals arrested as the traffickers of the 94 migrants found on Kythira

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Three Turkish nationals aged 30, 29 and 17 who were located together with 94 migrants on Kythira were arrested by the port authorities, as their alleged traffickers.

Specifically, early on Wednesday, Kythira Port Authority were informed by the Kythera Town Police Department for the existence of a number of foreigners in the area "Piso Gialos" in Kapsali.
Officials of the port authorities rushed to the site where with the assistance of the police, they located a total of 97 foreigners (15 women and 82 men) of various nationalities, of which fifty-five were minors.

The people were transported to the port of Kapsali while their boat was located on a rocky shore.
No marine pollution has been detected from the vessel, while all the foreigners are in good health.
On the same day, a second boat with migrants was located at the pier of Kapsali in Kythira.

It was carrying, according to the first information, seventy-three people, including two Russians and most of them were citizens of Iraq and Iran.

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