Greek pop singer Robert Williams dies aged 73; Prime Minister sends condolences


Greek pop singer and composer of the 70s, Robert Williams, died aged 73 after serious health issues it was announced.

Condolences were expressed by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis  who said, "Goodbye to Robert, who with Poll accompanied the teenage dreams of an entire generation. To the sensitive composer who never stopped singing for young people, and for New Democracy, which he loved and for whom he composed its theme song. The music he leaves behind will always remain fresh."

Williams was born in 1949 and member of the rock band "Poll" at the start of the 70s, as guitarist and vocalist. Starting in 1974 he also sang pop song, and had a first LP cut in 1974 titled by his name.

In the 70s he was part of a group representing Greece at Eurovision's competition with the "Solfeggio Lesson" (Mathima Solfez), which came in fifth.

The group included independently well-known pop singers Paschalis Arvanitidis, Bessy Argyraki, and Marianna Toli, and the song was composed by Giorgos Chatzinassios, responsible for many popular Greek hits; lyrics were by Sevi Tiliakou.

In 1991 he wrote the music and a lot of the lyrics for the long-running TV series "I Lampsi" (The shining), the songs of which were released in an LP in 1992.


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