Lefteris Petrounias crowned European champion for sixth time

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Greek gymnast Lefteris Petrounias became European champion at the rings for the sixth time at a European Championship meet, during the games in Munich on Sunday.

In the finals, "The Lord of the Rings" as his fans call him, was awarded a total of 15.133 points (6.200 for difficulty and 8.933 for execution), and had achieved a socre of 15.100 in the preliminaries.

He was followed by Turkey's Adem Asil with a score of 15.033 points (silver medal) and the United Kingdom's Courtney Tulloch with 14.866 (bronze).

Petrounias has remained unbeatable in European Championships since 2015, in both finals and prelims.

His record of golds started in Montpellier (2015) to continue in Bern (2016), Cluj (2017), Glasgow (2018), Basel (2021), and Munich this year.

Petrounias missed the 2019 European Championships due to injury, while the 2020 one was never held due to the coronavirus pandemic.