The last snaps of Boris Johnson's sun soaked Greek adventure

Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnsons and his family's holiday to Greece continues to monopolise the English media.

In fact, photos of the couple are constantly published by them, such as photos of Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Symonds disembarking from a luxury yacht docked in Evia.





According to the locals the couple stayed on the boat for about five hours enjoying moments of relaxation.

One local who saw the couple on vacation told The Sun: ‘They looked so relaxed. They were laughing and joking.

‘He read his book and she spent the time sunbathing. They got on the boat at 3.30pm and returned at 8.30pm, so they had a great time.

‘He needed help stepping off the boat when it docked late evening, so six Greek men came to his rescue.’

Mr Johnson appeared to be feeling generous as he apparently left a €50 (£42) tip for staff following a fish dinner with ‘lots of ouzo’ at a beachside cafe on Thursday.

He reportedly promised Ukrainian staff the UK would continue to support the war-torn country before posing for selfies.

The Johnson family ended their summer holiday with a big dinner at a restaurant on the southern side of the island in Karystos.

Mr Johnson was seen enjoying pasta and lamb chops with a glass of rose, with friends including advisor Henry Newman joining them.

Officials have insisted he continued to work and was updated on government business while away.

But Labour has slammed him for leading ‘a zombie government’, with one MP even claiming that he is ‘laughing’ at British people.

Energy bill forecasts have left British people panicked – with the latest prediction claiming costs could top £6,000 for the average household.

The Tories say nothing can be done until a new PM is announced on September 5 – much to the disgust of money expert Martin Lewis.

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