The 500-year-old oak tree in Stamna Messolonghi

oak tree Stamna Messolonghi

In my village in Stamna Messolonghi there is a very large oak tree.

I'm not an expert to tell its exact age. But I have read that the oldest oak tree in the world is 1,500 years old and has a trunk diameter of four metres.

The Oak in question has a trunk of about 2 metres in diameter. The diameter covered by its branches is 33 metres, and the perimeter is 104 metres.

I have no way of measuring the height, but its branches touch the ground.

With this data I would say that its age ranges between 500 and 750 years.

An expert could make a better estimate.

I made this video in August 2022 so that the whole world and the authorities can see that the tree is healthy and up to this moment it is standing upright.

It is the last one that is so large and still standing here.

If anything happens it will be purely from human intervention.

Watch the video:

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