STEKI: A Greek institution in the heart of Australia's largest city says farewell after 39 years


After 39 years of Greek entertainment, cultural events and good ol' fashion hospitality one of Australia's oldest venues, Steki Taverna bids farewell to the inner city precinct of Newtown where it thrived for so long.

"Have you ever wondered what’s behind the closed blinds of this long-standing Greek restaurant just off Newtown’s main drag? We sure have. Which is what made us book a table at Steki’s on a Friday night, and we have no regrets about our choices." wrote Time Out magazine in one review of the famous Greek hangout.

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The unexpected and shocking news of the closure of the Newtown location of Steki Taverna was announced on social media by owner and host Paul Ioakimidis,  who said despite exhausting all possible options to retain the venue in its current location, it was not enough.

"Dear friends" write Ioakimidis, " I am very saddened to tell you that tonight will be the last night of Steki at this address. All avenues to stay longer, even to just until the new year, have been exhausted and have been unsuccessful.

"Tomorrow, Monday 29th August, we will do a farewell to the past and a welcoming of the future.We will have food and drinks and music until....whenever. See you tomorrow......and see you at a new Steki..."

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As its name suggests, 'Steki' Taverna was a hang out, the go-to place for all who sought a cultural refuge in the over-regulated and stifling Hospitality landscape of Sydney.

No matter what time you popped in, whether it was for a snack, dinner, drinks or just to catch up with familiar faces for a dance, Steki embraced you with that typical Greek hospitality.

Steki Taverna acquired a following and a loyalty restaurants and bars would envy and this is owed to its owner and host Paul Ioakimidis who steered this cultural institution with great success for so long.

Steki had its fair share of celebrities and famous clientele but the environment was such that it equalised all demographics into one large group with a mutual characteristic: love for Greek food and music!

Not all hope is lost however, as Ioakimidis hinted at a relocation of the famous venue, details of which he promised to announce soon on his social media pages.

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