Pakistan: “Congratulations Turkey, you defeated the [Greek] army - We honour Mustafa Kemal”

Turkey Pakistani Turkish flags Shehbaz

NATO, USA and Russia congratulated Turkey, just as Pakistan did, but with a provocative message against Greece, as Directus pointed out.


"On the occasion of the Victory Day of the Republic of Turkey (August 30 Victory Day), the government and people of Pakistan reaffirm their unwavering solidarity and unwavering support to the brotherly Turkish people and government!

"One hundred years ago, the great Turkish nation achieved its final victory in defeating foreign occupation and imperialism. The unwavering determination, courage and unity displayed by the Turkish nation laid the foundation for Turkey's liberation, independence and national sovereignty.

"On this occasion, we honour the memory of the great Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who inspired and led one of the most brilliant victories in world history, with special respect."

And all this at a time when thousands of Pakistanis live in Greece!

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