Anna Vissi disturbed by a personal question about Despina Vandi and Vassilis Bisbikis

Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi shortly before leaving for Cyprus to start her performances in a well-known night club of Megalonisos answered some question about her future plans. On the "Smile Again" show, the singer was asked about the possibility of working with Despina Vandi.

"At the moment no, we are not there. We're talking about it. Despina and I are very good, we are friends, we have good feelings, but this will not happen yet," answered Anna Vissi.

Then a question followed from the reporter about Despina Vandi's relationship with Vassilis Bisbikis, with the singer not hiding her displeasure.

"Don't go into such personal things, it's not nice. Tell me something else. I rejoice in the happiness of others."

She also denied a rumour that she could take Maria Bakodimou's place on the J2US jury.

"No, that won't happen. I have no serious reason, it just won't happen."

Finally, the popular performer referred to Nikos Karvelas and also to her grandson who came on stage during her live performance in the summer.

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