CRETE: "I didn't want to disturb her sleep", says German father who locked his baby in sweltering car

Heraklion beach crete

The news that a father locked his baby in the car to swim at a beach in Crete has caused outrage across Greece. At noon on Saturday, a 26-year-old German decided to go swimming with his 20-month-old daughter.

However, when they arrived at Heraklion beach, the father locked the baby in the car and went snorkelling.

Minutes passed and the child began to feel intense discomfort. The little girl began to cry with the lifeguard standing by listening to her cry.

The lifeguard arrived at the car and found the child locked inside the car. In fact, as it was established, the 20-month-old girl was in the car for about an hour, without water.

A woman who happened to be passing by rushed before the lifeguard. As he told Alpha, the window was slightly open and someone managed to pry it open further and free the baby. The little child immediately drank a bottle of water.

The 26-year-old father later told the police, according to Alpha: "When we got to the beach, the baby was asleep. So I decided to leave her in the car with the window open. She sleeps at noon for almost two hours. I didn't want to disturb her sleep."

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