Kaiti Theohari: The actress and singer died

Kaiti Theohari

The news of the death of Kaiti Theohari has brought sadness to the Greek artistic world. The actress and singer passed away last July, however, the unpleasant event only became known a few hours ago, with a post by Spyros Bibila.

The president of SEH said through a post on Facebook: "It was with great sadness that I was informed by @dinavacalo's niece that last July a very sensitive and beautiful actress who started as a triumphant in the beauty pageants of '65, and left her mark on cinema and vinyl as a singer, passed away. Kaiti Theohari in the movie TRUMPA 67 by Grigoriou performs a song of rare beauty by Manos Loizou, which fortunately escaped the censorship of the Junta, because as a record with Marinella, it was banned. In fact, in the film she stars alongside Foudas, with a second female name of Betty Arvanitis. It is worth listening to and remembering. HAVE A GOOD JOURNEY."

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Kaiti Theohari

Kaiti Theochari was born in Xanthi and started her career in Greek cinema in the mid-1960s. She first appeared under the name Kaiti Chloe in 1965 in the movie "Wretches in the slum" with the role of Irini.

With her real name she started appearing from 1966 onwards. Her most important role is considered to be in the movie "Trumpet '67", directed by Grigoris Grigoriou, where she played Rita.

The last film she acted in was "Erotic moments" in 1972. Then he began to appear on television and in the YENED series at the time, "Our Neighborhood".

From then, she turned to singing. In 1983, she released her first and last album entitled "I Had So Much To Give You" with lyrics by Spyros Yatras and music by Alekos Chrysovergis.

In the 1980s, she reappeared as an actress in the video films released at the time.

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