PM Mitsotakis’s speech at TIF Thessaloniki (watch live)

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis SYRIZA

A series of economic measures were presented live

PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis is presenting the support measures for Greek households and businesses from the podium of the 86th TIF, in his speech underway at the Ioannis Vellidis Convention Center.

Mitsotakis is expected to make strong political references emphasising that people have a clear choice to make between “today” and “yesterday”, while the issue of changing the electoral law will also be put forward. The PM will place particular emphasis on the need for stability, as a national necessity. “When a storm comes, it needs a steady helm and a capable captain,” government sources said.

The prime minister said yesterday that there are ten measures that the media have not covered, some smaller, some intermediate, and some more…interesting. Some speculate that there might be more measures to be announced.

Mitsotakis made a mini-assessment of the government’s work from 2019, while he announced a framework of measures in three-time cycles:

A) Support measures for immediate implementation, until the end of 2022. They mainly concern energy and high prices.
B) Major changes, which will take effect from the beginning of 2023 and will remain on a permanent basis.
C) And a six-pronged plan for the crucial issue of the time: housing, especially for young people and couples so that they can acquire or rent a cheaper house.

These actions are to start from next month, while those that require further tweaking, will be developed gradually.

“My dream is for the Greece of 2030 to have emerged even stronger from the crises, with today’s reforms in full effect,” the prime minister will reportedly say. “In progress, those of the next 4 years. And with the place ready to take on the challenges of the next decade. The average salary will reach parity with those in Europe. And pensions will follow growth. The Digital Card will be valid at every workplace.”

“A broad housing program will have solved the housing problem. And local regenerations will have given a different look to the cities. “Smart” cities. By electric transport. With many bicycles and cars that do not pollute. In a safe everyday life, from efficient police. I would like the Parthenon to have its Sculptures back by 2030. Certainly, however, many treasures will have returned. Every place will have its museum. And Greece itself will be a centre of Art. But also home to international producers. So that culture, economy, and everyday life go hand in hand” he will say.

Economic measures

Regarding the measures that the government will take, strengthening the support network of society, these are expected to be, among others:

– “Permanent” electricity subsidy: It is a given that the state will continue – until 2023 – to cover electricity bills, absorbing up to 90% of the increases for consumers and businesses. Not every consumption expenditure, but new conditions and rules will be introduced.

– Increased heating allowance: The doubling of the household heating allowance fund is also considered to be certain, so as to cover more citizens and with larger subsidy amounts, due to the price increases in all fuels and heating sources – especially natural gas.

– Natural gas allowance: An “extra” fund is sought from the budget, to partially cover – even if it’s small – the outrageous price increases of 1,000% since last September.

– Liquid fuels: New diesel subsidy. However, the possibility of a new Fuel pass 3 has been ruled out, as the price of unleaded has fallen 20% in relation to three months, but also because almost all margins have been exhausted.

– Emergency benefits to the most vulnerable to cope with shortages in bread, food, and other basic necessities – possibly well before the holidays.