Certain countries will be banned from Queen Elizabeth funeral


Representatives from Russia, Belarus and Myanmar have been reportedly banned from attending Queen Elizabeth’s funeral which is expected to draw in around 500 foreign dignitaries.

According to the SUN, Russia and Belarus have been black-listed due to their involvement in the invasion and ongoing conflict in Ukraine, whilst Myanmar is seen governed by military chiefs whom the United Nations have accused of “depraved” acts of violence against opposition democracy activists.

Meanwhile, Iran will only be represented at the occasion on an ambassadorial level.

Most countries have their head of state and one guest invited.

There is no word yet if whether the Greek Prime Minister or President will attend the funeral on behalf the Greek people.

US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill will be in attendance, as well as the Presidents of Germany and Italy, and the Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand.

The state funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey at 11am on Monday (8pm AEST).