Pakistani expert blames Armenia for latest clashes despite international community condemning Azerbaijan

Armenian Army soldiers

Founder and President of the Pakistan-Azerbaijan Alumni Association and CEO of “THE” Society International and global youth leader on SDGs, Qaiser Nawab, blamed Armenia for the latest clashes despite the near entirety of the international community condemning Azerbaijan for instigating the attacks.

Nawab noted that Armenia should stop its provocations as soon as possible and urged international organisations to condemn the attacked country instead of the aggressor.

“We are following with great concern on recent developments on the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border. As a result of the provocations conducted by Armenia, some 50 Azerbaijani soldiers became martyrs. We called on Armenia to stop these provocations as soon as possible, respect the internationally recognised territories of Azerbaijan, and act in accordance with the trilateral agreements reached,” the Pakistani expert added.

Meanwhile, the Azerbaijani military launched a renewed attack on Armenia at 08:00, September 14, the Armenian Ministry of Defence said. The Azeri offensive is taking place particularly in the directions of Jermuk and Verin Shorzha.

“Overnight September 13-14 the situation at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border remained tense. Particularly, in the direction of Jermuk the adversary used combat UAVs. Despite no significant incidents taking place in the remaining directions of the Azerbaijani aggression unleashed the previous day, today, starting 08:00, the adversary re-launched its attack by using artillery, mortar and large-caliber firearms in the directions of Jermuk and Verin Shorzha. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia are taking adequate countermeasures and continue entirely fulfilling their combat objectives. Despite a clear reaction from the international community over the situation, in fact Azerbaijan’s military-political leadership continues its acts of aggression against the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia, targeting both military and civilian infrastructure. The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia is announcing that the entire responsibility for the created situation and further developments falls on the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan,” the Ministry of Defence of Armenia said.

The Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of Russia’s Federation Council Grigory Karasin said that Yerevan and Baku had reached a ceasefire agreement through Russia’s efforts.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, Karasin said that the ceasefire was established following phone conversations between Pashinyan and President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

The office of Armenia’s Human Rights Defender has been visiting the areas affected by Azerbaijan’s most recent attack and is compiling information and documenting the extent of damage to civilian and administrative infrastructure in the places.