American Ambassador Tsunis meets Konstantinos Argiros in Thessaloniki - Meet again at Oikonomopoulos concert (VIDEO)

George Tsunis Konstantinos Argiros

The American ambassador to Greece, George Tsonis, posted on Twitter a photo of his meeting with the beloved singer Konstantinos Argiros.

The two men met after the prime minister's speech at the 86th Thessaloniki International Fair in Vellideio. In fact, in his post, Tsunis described the singer as "one of Greece's great talents".

"It was a pleasure to meet @ArgirosKonstant, one of Greece's great talents, in Thessaloniki.," wrote the ambassador.

See the tweet:

After the snapshot, the two men met again where singer Nikos Oikonomopoulos took centre stage in Thessaloniki.

In particular, the American ambassador was having fun with his friends at club Vogue and a little later Konstantinos Argiros was also at his table. The atmosphere was pleasant with carnations being thrown and lot of dancing.

In fact, at one point Konstantinos Argiros went on stage and sang together with Nikos Oikonomopoulos, with the audience applauding them.

Watch video:

It is noted that the ambassador seemed to be particularly loved in Thessaloniki, as after his presence at an event organised by ONNED in a café in the city, people stopped him and asked him for a selfie.

Elsewhere, Greece is becoming an energy hub – not on paper, but in reality, Tsunis said on Wednesday in an interview with AMNA. He also referred to Greece as the “most important and reliable partner for solving the challenges of the region.”

As he said, “Greece is a leader in energy diversity, in energy security, which is national security, as well as in energy transition, and I am proud of the relationship that the US has with Greece because it is values-based and oriented toward results and to jointly solving problems that exist in this region.”

Asked if the United States is ready to contribute to Europe’s energy independence and the diversification of energy sources, Tsunis replied that the US is already contributing to this direction and explained that his country is the largest supplier of LNG to Europe of any other country in the world.

“We are trying to transport LNG to Europe and Greece as quickly as we can. A percentage of 60% of Greece’s LNG comes from the United States and this percentage is increasing,” he noted, adding that what was done years ago with the exclusive supply of energy from Russia was a “strategic mistake”.

The US ambassador said that the countries have realised that it is wrong as they deal with the consequences which are real and serious.

He expressed the hope that the consequences will be as short-lived as possible, underlining that the United States provides support “not only in words, but in deeds”, with the supply of LNG but also with the support of projects that diversify energy sources, contribute to the energy transition and the phasing out of carbon emissions.

“For Greece, these problems are significantly less than in other nations, due to the exceptional leadership,” the American ambassador estimated, pointing out that our country is in the top ten countries in terms of investments in the field of renewable sources energy.

It also listed a series of projects that contribute to strengthening Greece’s energy profile, such as the expansion of Revythoussa, the two FSRUs for Alexandroupolis, one of which will be ready in about 15 months, but also another one that is about to to be built in Corinth.

Also, the Greece-Bulgaria interconnection pipeline that has been completed, as well as the interconnection pipeline with North Macedonia.

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