Thessaloniki: Restaurant charged €1 for ice in the drink - "It's a special ice cube that lasts longer"

ice glass in water

Customers in Thessaloniki bar could not believe their eyes when they saw on their bill that they had been charged €1 for the ice that was in their drink.

The manager of the restaurant, who spoke to MEGA, claimed that it is not a simple ice but a "special ice that lasts longer".

"The store's policy is to charge for extra ice. It's not like the ice we put in all drinks. This is a large cube that goes into our special drinks. It is always done in consultation between the waiter and the customer," replied the restaurant manager.

The ice that was charged an extra €1 is a large cube which, due to its large mass relative to its surface area, melts more slowly than usual, keeping the drink at the ideal temperature with the least possible draft.

Shopkeepers say the price of the ice they buy has increased by 50%, adding, however, that they can only charge for it if the price is listed in the store's menu.

"Since it is a product that I buy, theoretically I can also sell it. In this logic, however, I should also sell the oil in the salad and the salt in the food," commented businessman Andreas Gaitanidis.

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