British media give Greeks a right royal slap with Prince Pavlos 'of Greece' interview

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A BBC interview with former Greek royal, Crown Prince Pavlos, who happens to be third cousin twice removed of the late Queen Elizabeth II, has caused outrage on social media after he was referred to as the Crown Prince 'of Greece'.

Social media users were quick to condemn the BBC and remind it that Greece abolished the monarchy and has been a republic for almost 50 years and should not be using defunct titles for former royals.

During the interview Pavlos referred to his family's relationship with the late British monarch.

'The Queen has always been a very kind person to my family. Always received with a smile.

'My parents were very well taken care of by her when we left Greece and lived in England for years after.'

'The Queen was always receiving us with great smiles and family friendship.

'Always enquiring how things were going back home or elsewhere. One of the most wonderful people ever.' said Pavlos.

Royal titles are legally meaningless in Greece, which removed its last king, Pavlos’s father, by a referendum in 1974.

Also to reference Pavlos as Crown Prince of Greece was Channel 4 and CNN who also copped backlash over their judgement.

"Greece has no king or prince. Get your facts straight and apologize. You might want kings and queens, we don't." was the message drummed across social media.

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