Athens listed as a Top 10 most beautiful city for the second time

Hellas Athens Acropolis Parthenon sunset

Greece has not stopped breaking one record after another in recent years - from tourism to important economic indicators that testify to the enormous dynamics that the country has developed in recent years, and this time, Athens has been listed as a Top 10 most beautiful city.

"World of Statistics" ranked the Greek capital as among the ten most beautiful cities in the world.

More specifically, Athens is in sixth place, with a rate of 77.5% and right behind the Italian cities of Venice and Rome, as well as Barcelona, โ€‹โ€‹Prague and New York. The top ten is completed with Budapest, Vienna, Bordeaux and Milan.

And while this victory of Athens may seem quite insignificant when compared to economic and social indicators, it can have a decisive effect on important sectors, such as tourism, and therefore the economy, work and innovation.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Tourism has recently launched a major campaign to promote Athens as an ideal destination that Europeans can choose for their weekend.

With the central message "Greekend: End your week like a Greek" and the signature motto of the successful central campaign "All you want is Greece", the new campaign of the Ministry and the Tourism Board highlights the beautiful side of life in Greek cities.

In this light, the fact that Athens is officially featured in official rankings of the most beautiful cities in the world, it can only contribute in the desired direction.

The records in tourist arrivals this summer from every corner of the planet confirms that the ancient city is in the eyes of many as a most beautiful city, hence their decision to spend the most carefree period of the year in this unique city.

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