Anastasia Giousef: "In total I've had sex with 15 men, it's not many"

Anastasia Giousef

Among others, the dancer, singer and self-proclaimed social media influencer Anastasia Giousef spoke about some of her statements which were misinterpreted in a recent interview, especially concerning the number of men she has slept with.

The dancer took a stand against reports that she has had group sex on a playground with 15 men.

Anastasia Giousef

Speaking to Espresso, Anastasia Giousef said: "I had given a TV interview and then in the reproduction on websites, my words were distorted, writing that I had sex with 15 men at the same time in a playground!"

"This has never happened, I had answered in the TV interview that the strangest place I had sex was in a playground, but with one man and not 15 at once."

"In total I have had sex with 15 men, which I think is not many for the work I do and who I am. I am a woman of relationships and many times appearances are deceiving. I am stable in my relationships and I am honoured and proud of who I am!"

"All my partners have been measured and proper, and I have never been in a relationship for the money or to benefit from anything in my life."

Anastasia Giousef

Finally, Anastasia Giousef revealed that she is ready to marry and have a child with her partner of five years, even revealing that once she becomes pregnant she will stop dancing for good.

"I am well and have been in a relationship for five years with my partner who is a businessman. We have the prospect of getting married and having a child, whichever comes first!

"I would love to have a child, I feel ready for it and when I finally get pregnant I will stop dancing for good and focus on other things professionally in my life. As much as I love dancing, when I get pregnant, I will stop dancing."

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