Turkey protests to Greek Ambassador over 'militarization' of Aegean islands; Greece rejects demarche


Turkey called in the Greek Ambassador in Ankara on Monday to protest the 'militarisation' of Greek islands alleging that Greece was violating international law through the presence of armoured military vehicles at border islands.

Greece rejected a Turkish demarche which was presented to Ambassador Christodoulos Lazaris who in response underlined that Greece's positions have been thoroughly presented in the two letters sent to the UN Secretary General, sources noted, and added that Greece fully respects its obligations arising from the Treaty of Lausanne.

Moreover, they added, Ambassador Lazaris told Turkish officials that Greece is not the country threatening its neighbor with casus belli, nor has it amassed the largest landing fleet on its shores, as Turkey has done.

Lazaris pointed out that Turkey continues to violate Greece's sovereignty with its continuous airspace violations and its flights over Greek territory.