Hellenic Navy Belharra frigates assigned names

Belharra frigates.

The three new Belharra frigates expected by the Hellenic Navy were given names on Tuesday during a meeting of the Supreme Naval Council.

The new frigates, currently being constructed by the French Naval Group in Lorient, will be named “Kimon,” “Nearchos,” and “Formion.”

The first two frigates will be delivered to the Hellenic Navy in 2025, with the third expected by 2026.

In addition to the Belharra, the company is showcasing its Gowind corvette equipped with a combat management system, innovative structural solutions, and next-generation sensors and weapons.

Naval Group said the new corvette is responsive to emerging security and defence challenges. It is designed to combat air, naval, and underwater threats.

Twelve units of the Gowind have been sold thus far. Some have been built locally with partners through technology transfer.