General Floros: "The Greek people prove every day that they are ready to respond to any call of the homeland"

general konstantinos floros

In his message after the completion of the "Alexandros-22" exercise, General Konstantinos Floros, head of the Greek military, spoke of the high level of operational readiness, training, discipline and capacity for interdisciplinary synergy possessed by the Hellenic Armed Forces.

As he pointed out, these virtues "allow the execution of their mission in its entirety under any conditions, thus sending a strong message of deterrence and power in every direction".

It is noted that the entire Armed Forces participated in the exercise, up to the level of tactical formation and even down to the bodies of the state apparatus.

"Your immediate, coordinated and substantial responses to every threat emerging through the exercise scenario, including new modern threats imposed by technological developments and the ever-changing geopolitical situation, once again demonstrated the high degree of professionalism, morale and commitment to the duty of the Hellenic Armed Forces," added the GEETHA leader .

He did not fail to mention the active participation "of the reservists in the non-troop mobilisation exercises," adding that "[this] proves in practice the dedication of the Greek people [in their] struggle for the defence of the homeland."

"I am proud of each and every one of you and absolutely sure of the future that is being built with the help of all of us. The Armed Forces of the country and the Greek people prove every day that they are ready to respond to any call of the homeland, as the history of the Greek nation dictates. Vigilance. Readiness. Preparation," concluded Floros.

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