Turkish prosecutors seek jail for 12 Montreux Convention-supporting ex-admirals

Turkish flags grey wolves prosecutors

12 retired Turkish admirals face up to 12 years in jail after prosecutors in Ankara claimed they broke the law for declaring their support for the Montreux Convention.

During the hearing at the Ankara 20th Heavy Penal Court on October 7, the prosecutors unveiled their final sentencing opinion (“esasa ilişkin mütalaa”). They said that the 12 defendants were involved in the preparation of the declaration in question, signed it and agreed to release it, Duvar reported.

The prosecutors said that the Montreux Convention had been used as a “tool” by the retired admirals to target the government and put into action. soldiers on active duty as well as opposition voices.

Their judicial opinion further accused the 12 defendants of “agreeing to commit crime against state’s security and constitutional order” and asked from 3 to 12 years in prison for them.

The lawyers asked for more time to present their defense against the judicial opinion, with the court adjourning the trial to December 12.

In April 2021, 103 retired admirals issued a statement emphasising the importance of the Montreux Convention for Turkish security.

The statement has drawn a strong backlash from ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) officials who saw it as a direct challenge from the military to the civilian government. The government went as far as to accuse the former soldiers of suggesting a coup.

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