Coming-of-age drama from Spielberg kicks off Thessaloniki film festival

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The Fabelmans, the newest film from Steven Spielberg, will feature as the festival's opening film on November 3.

Young Sammy Fabelman (Gabriel LaBelle), the story's protagonist, falls in love with cinema after his parents take him to watch "The Greatest Show on Earth" in the 1950s. The plot is partially based on Spielberg's early life.

With a camera in hand, Sammy creates his own movies at home, much to the joy of his encouraging mother. But things are not always easy. His path is obstructed by problems in his family, his parents' divorce (Paul Dano and Michelle Williams), his financial situation, and the anti-Semitism of others around him, but the movie theatre provides a respite.

The script was co-written by Spielberg, something he infrequently does.

“The Fabelmans” will be released in cinemas on November 24.