Magnesia: A Greek flag in a kindergarten was torn down - What did they put in its place?

greek flag school magnesia

Vandals carried out a shocking act in the area of ​​Kanalia in Magnesia just days before the National Anniversary of October 28 - Oxi Day. The disrespectful perpetrators tore down the Greek flag that was flying in the courtyard of a kindergarten in the area.

According to Taxydromos, the provocative incident happened last weekend when the kindergarten was closed. On Monday morning, when teachers went to the kindergarten, they were confronted with vandalism.

The Greek flag was missing from the mast and in its place there were five car tires on top of each other.

Looking more closely in the courtyard, they found pieces of the Greek flag. It is believed the perpetrators entered the school yard, took down and tore the flag before mindlessly putting the tires in its place.

Educators immediately reported the incident to the Municipality of Riga Feraio and the police, while at noon the director of Primary Education of Magnesia, Giorgos Polyzos, was also informed.

However, actions were immediately taken by both the school and the Municipality so a new flag could be proudly displayed at the school, which is preparing for the celebration of October 28.

"This is an unacceptable action and in fact on the eve of the National Anniversary, a day that is so important for all of us," commented Polyzos.

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