Mariupoli Greeks celebrate Oxi Day in Thessaloniki

mariupol greeks

With messages of "No to fascism", but also recital of poems and songs in Greek and Ukrainian, Greek refugees from Ukraine celebrated the national anniversary of October 28 - Oxi Day.

The event held at the Thessaloniki City Hall was organised by the Union of Ukrainian Greeks in Greece and the Ukrainian Hellenic Initiative Association of Thessaloniki, in collaboration with the Thessaloniki Citizens' Initiative against the invasion of Ukraine.

"Today we remember the 'No' to the fascist invasion in 1940, today we also say 'No" to Putin's invasion of our country, Ukraine'," said Alexandra Prochenko-Pitsatzi, president of the Federation of Greek Associations of Ukraine and Union of Ukrainian Greeks in Greece.


"The centre of Hellenism in Ukraine and the dozens of Greek communities - villages in Mariupol are disappearing. Every year on March 25 and October 28, Ukrainian Greeks proudly celebrated and honoured national anniversaries. This year we are living the ultimate tragedy and destruction," said Ms. Prochenko in her greeting.

"We are proud of you, we are all one family together - Greeks and Ukrainians," said the president of the Ukrainian-Hellenic Initiative Association of Thessaloniki, Paraskevas Paraskevopoulos.

The event was attended by the Consul General of Ukraine in Thessaloniki, Vadim Sambluk.

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"The Greeks with the 'No' of 1940 proved that a united nation determined to fight for its freedom can defeat a stronger expansionist force. The same is proved by the magnificent resistance of the Ukrainians against the Russian conquerors," said Thessaloniki councilor Giorgos Rakkas.

"This year we cannot parade in our hometown, Mariupol, celebrate there, in our Greek square, sing songs about the epic of 40, recite patriotic poems. But we hope for the victory of Ukraine and next year we will return to our homes," said Alexandra Prochenko closing the event.

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