The favourite cars for Greeks in October


The increasing sales of new cars in Greece continued in October, recording a double-digit percentage increase, but the question is what car did Greeks most favour last month?

According to News Auto, the sales of new cars in October increased by approximately 25% as they reached 8,000 units compared to 6,000 cars that were available in the corresponding month of 2021.

However, the impressive element in October’s sales was the order of ranking of import companies, as Toyota was in first place, followed by Peugeot in second place, and Hyundai completed the top three.

Coming in fourth was VW, followed by Dacia, BMW, Mercedes -Benz, Suzuki, and Citroen, with Ford closing off the top ten.

In September, Peugeot was in the first place, followed by Toyota, while Renault was in third place.

The surprises in the ranking list of car dealers of imported vehicles concern the brands Dacia, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz which jumped to high positions in the Top 10 sales.

The rise and fall in sales of import companies depend solely on the pace of new car deliveries determined by each factory, a fact that solely affects the quotations in the table of the companies with the highest sales are constantly changing.

Over the 10-month period, sales maintained a positive sign that emerged for the first time last month since the beginning of this year.

According to News Auto, sales of new cars in the 10th month amounted to 91,000 units compared to 90,000 units in the corresponding period last year, recording a 3% increase.

Market officials estimate that the next two months are decisive regarding the course the market will take so that the year closes on a positive note and the existing climate of optimism is maintained.

Now the target of 100,000 units is likely to be achieved, and the market may even manage to surpass 110,000 units if estimates of massive new car deliveries in both November and December 2022 are confirmed.

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