Kato Achaia: Baptism interrupted by child's grandparents arguing over his name

Greek orthodox baptism Kato Achaia

A child's baptism was interrupted in the most dramatic way in Western Greece as the grandparents intensely argued over what name the baby should take.

During the sacrament, great tension arose and the two grandfathers argued over the name of the infant. The arguing was so bad that the priest was forced to interrupt the sacrament to prevent the worst.

According to the Peloponnisos newspaper, the baby's parents called their parents to the forecourt of the church in Kato Achaia, literally begging them to stop the fight as the name had already been decided.

Finally, some time, later the sacrament continued normally, with the two sets of grandparents absent from the church and from the main table at the post-baptism celebration.

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