Lefteris Pantazis: "I loved all women, but the relationship that marked me was with Angela Dimitriou"

Lefteris Pantazis

Lefteris Pantazis spoke on the show "Eleni" to mark the occasion of his appearances in a well-known nightclub in the Northern Suburbs of Athens with Christos Dantes and Konstantinos Pantelidis. The singer mentioned, among other things, his career and commented on his first steps in the art industry.

Answering the question of whether Christos Dantis has written him songs, Lefteris Pantazis commented: "He has not written me songs, but he has brought me songs he had written together with Yannis Karalis and would sing himself, I listened to them."

"I liked them too I used to put them on my disk. Christos' career started next to me. I used to go to radio stations and say: 'Please play this Christos song'," he said.

In fact, he revealed that if he were a businessman, he would form a company with him, Konstantinos Argyros and Paola.

Asked about the women in his life, he stated that he loved them all, but the relationship that marked him was the one with Angela Dimitriou: "I loved all the women. But the relationship that marked me the most was Angela Dimitriou."

Among other things, he mentioned his daughter, Connie Metaxas, and the advice he had given her when she returned to Greece.

"When she returned to Greece, Connie thought it was paradise. I told her that they will reduce her, make her bitter but she didn't understand. She auditioned alone, to build a career under her own name," the famoous singer said.

"When she came home crying, I called and said, 'she came for an audition and you said to her, "This is Greece and leave the Americas".' Then he apologised to me a thousand times."

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