Analyst on CNN Türk: First we will destroy Greek airports

CNN Turk

Last June, Eray Güçlüer requested for the: "isolation of the Greek islands" through a blockade by Turkish forces as a reaction to their militarisation by Greece. Now he defiantly claims that in the event of a war with our country, Turkey - "in the first stage", as he says - will destroy the Greek airports.

The reason for the professor of the Altinbas University's Strategic Research Department, who speaking on a CNN Türk show - and not on some fringe channel - referred to the scenario of a possible Greek-Turkish conflict.

As he said casually on television, the primary objective will be to destroy airports in order for Greek fighter jets not to take off and land.

"In the conflict, Turkey in a very short period of time, - let's say this too - within a couple of days, with the fire and maneuvers of the operation, will have ensured our superiority in the situation," argued Güçlüer. "In other words, the initiative will very soon pass into our hands."

"And the answer to how this can be done is classic. In other words, seeing our military and defence capabilities, in the first stage, Greece's airports will be rendered useless," the professor claimed.

The Turkish analyst then explains that the "use" of Greek airports will lead to "the surrender, neutralisation, or downing" of Greek fighter aircraft. “So when those air bases are neutralised and the planes can't take off, what are they going to do?

"They won't be able to take off their planes, and those who fly what will happen? They will either surrender or be neutralised, shot down. In other words, in a very short period of time Greece will find itself in this paradoxical situation," he said.

Having a map of Greece on the screen, where the islands of the Aegean are presented with Turkish names, Güçlüer concluded with a warning that: "no one will be able to save Greece from the hands of Turkey."

At the same time, he hypocritically expressed the wish that there would be no conflict between the two countries.

"I hope something like this doesn't happen, but if it does, don't trust anyone, no one will be able to save Greece from the hands of Turkey," he said in the same defiant tone.

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