Retired army chief Frangoulis Frangos: "There is frenzied nationalism in Turkey; we have a right to 12 nautical miles"

Frangoulis Frangos Greek army military

The result of the mid-term elections in the USA, in which the presence of the Greek diaspora in Congress will be strong, was commented on ERT by retired general Frangoulis Frangos, who stressed that "democracy works in the United States" unlike Turkey which pollutes the world with nationalism.

Making a comparison with the situation that prevails in Turkey, he stated that what he finds there is a very serious deficit of democracy.

"What can one say about the entire political world of the neighbouring country that in this period, especially after the 20's, had a frenzy of nationalism and in fact with the main goal of our country and Cyprus," said the retired soldier.

Speaking about Turkish nationalism, he emphasised that it is directed not only against Greece but also against the entire surrounding area.

"We see an attack against everyone. Much of northern Iraq is held by the Turks. The same is happening in Syria, while the interest is being transferred to Libya to facilitate our own continental shelf and Exclusive Economic Zone," added the honourary chief of the Army General Staff.

"Something has to be done to get a response," the retired military chief said.

"Fortunately there is an understanding that 12 nautical miles is a right that derives from the International Law of the Sea and under no circumstances should anyone renounce, nor should we become a country of reduced sovereignty with a casus belli set by the National Assembly of a neighboring country, such as Turkey," he stressed.

When asked if the moment is right to expand our EEZ to 12 nautical miles, he replied that the Turkish-Libyan memorandum imposes on Greece, just as Turkey has expanded its EEZ to 12 nautical miles, we should do the same in the south and east of Crete.

Speaking about the hydrocarbon research that started in Crete and the Peloponnese, he replied that he expects a Turkish reaction first which he hopes will not be in the middle line of the EEZ with Libya towards Greece.

Libya overlooks Crete and Gavdos

"What worries me the most is that the interim government of Tripoli wants to draw a middle line from the southern end of the Peloponnese. It overlooks Crete and Gavdos too," added General E.A.

"There is a frenzy of nationalism in the neighbouring country which has infected the souls of the neighbouring people with whom we want to live together," said Frangos, adding that now we must declare the 12 nautical miles in Rhodes and Kastellorizo.

"It is an inalienable right of our country. The neighbouring country has done it. So why should we renounce it and should in any case all of us say that this casus belli is illegal and proclaim it everywhere," added the honourary chief of the Army General Staff.

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