General Floros visits the Greek Patriot artillery team in Saudi Arabia (PHOTOS)

Saudi Arabia patriot missiles greece konstantinos floros

The Greek force that staffs the Patriot guided missile artillery system in the Saudi city of Yanbu, within the framework of the "Integrated Air Missile Defence (IAMD) Concept", at the request and approval of the government's National Security Council, was visited by the Chief of the Greek military, general Konstantinos Floros, together with the Greek ambassador Alexis Konstantopoulos.

"The active participation of the Greek artillery in the international initiative 'Integrated Air Missile Defense (IAMD) Concept' proves in practice that Greece has the skills, capabilities and operational experience to function as a security provider, which gives it increased prestige and great added value among other countries", he pointed out, among other things, in his speech addressing the executives of the Greek of strength.

The Head of the Greek military toured the facilities. At the same time, on his personal Twitter account, he wrote about the presence of the Greek Saudi Arabian-Patriot artillery force in the city of Yanbu: “Where Greece builds security and stability, and builds strong partnerships and alliances.

"Congratulations on your professionalism and dedication to your mission!

"May Archangel Michael, the Patron Saint of the Air Force, always be by your side!

"Special thanks to Saudi Arabia's Western Region Commander Major General Ahmed Ali Al-Debais
and the '120 Air Defense Battalion' for their warm welcome and impeccable hospitality!

The Greek power of Saudi Arabia is in good hands!"

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