New York-bound Emirates flight returns to Athens with fighter jet escort after US terror alert


Following a potential terror warning, a NEW YORK-bound Emirates flight carrying up to 250 passengers was forced to return to Athens shortly after departure.

The aeroplane was scheduled to pass close to or through Irish airspace while travelling to the US, according to security sources in Ireland who spoke to The Journal.

The report, according to officials, concerned "a questionable person flying on board."

Two F-16 Greek Air Force fighter planes followed the airliner back to Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport in Athens, according to a police spokesperson.

According to the spokesperson, Flight EK-210 was diverted 45 minutes after takeoff and landed at roughly 10:00 pm (8 pm Irish time) while searches were still being conducted within the aircraft.

18 staff members and 228 passengers were on board.

The flight was carrying 228 passengers and 18 crew.

Greek broadcasting channel ERT reported that US authorities warned Greek police of a “suspicious person” on board the plane.

Earlier today, another Emirates flight to Dubai was not allowed to take off from Eleftherios Venizelos, and all passengers were also checked for security concerns. Still, nothing suspicious was found, police sources added.

That flight took off after a five-hour delay.