SYRIZA demands explanation on why Patsis had "private meetings" in Kosovo

Alexis Tsipras SYRIZA Pakistani community

In an announcement on Saturday,  main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance asked the ruling Mitsotakis government to reveal "who in the prime minister's office intervened for the meetings held by [Grevena MP Andreas Patsis] in Kosovo."

"In a reply to a question by SYRIZA-PA MPs, the foreign ministry clarified that it had 'no prior notification' regarding Patsis' visit to Kosovo in October 2020, which was 'private'," the announcement said, adding that it expected an answer from the prime minister's office.

"Who intervened and for what deals so that in a 'private visit' about which the foreign ministry had 'no prior notification', the Grevena MP Andreas Patsis could meet the prime minister, the foreign minister and central bank governor of Kosovo with the Greek flag on the table," the party asked.

"Is there a Greek who is not ashamed to see the government managing the country's international representation in this manner?" added the opposition.

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