Spyros Bibilas: "Some say we have Turkish blood but I have a face like Alexander the Great"

Spyros Bibilas

Spyros Bibilas was invited to the Breakfast@Star show and gave a full interview. The actor spoke, among other things, about his participation in the advertisement with George Magas, about his role in The Crown, and his physical resemblance to Alexander the Great.

Speaking about his resemblance to Alexander the Great and commenting on the viral photo of him at the side of the emperor of the Macedonian empire, he said: "This photo was taken by Giorgos Michaelidis, the great director."

He also revealed that he had been offered the role of the historical Macedonian general at a young age.

"Some say we all have Turkish blood. I also have ancient Greek because I have this face. I know that what I'm saying will be written about again," said the actor.

Spyros Bibilas Alexander the Great

Regarding his role in The Crown and the scene that was cut, he said: "I played Yiannis Latsis, in a 5-minute scene. I was paid very well. I spent a week in Mallorca with an assistant because I don't know English well."

"Everyone was waiting for me. In the credits there is the name and the name of the role, which indicates that I have rights. I auditioned, I didn't get in like that. The art director from the Greek side took me and informed me that the scene was cut, they later explained the reason," he added.

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