Amal Clooney: The AMAZING hairstyle made by her Greek stylist

Amal Clooney George Clooney

Amal Clooney is an idol in every way, since in addition to her elegance and insurmountable sense of style, she is actively involved in law and human rights. For this reason, it was another success for Dimitris Giannetos to style her hair.

Unsurprisingly, he uploaded a selfie with the star on his Instagram account.

He captioned it: "Beautiful Amal." And who would disagree with him?

The Greek hairstylist has an international career, showcasing, among others, Maria Menounos, Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, Camila Cabello, Alessandra Ambrosio among his clientele.

For Amal, she chose a hairstyle in wavy curls, which highlights the length of her hair as well as its chocolate shades.

See Giannetos' new post:

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