CNN Türk makes new threats against Greece: "Something might suddenly happen in the Aegean" (VIDEO)

CNN Turk

CNN Türk continues to foster tensions with Greece, this time by taking aim at the country's gas exploration to the south of Crete and making threats, such as: “Something sudden can happen in the Aegean too”. This was all said when a program was discussing the Turkish military operation in Syria.

The reportage on CNN Türk speaks of a “step that will escalate tensions with Libya”, commenting on the new Navtex for the expansion of ExxonMobil’s seismic surveys south of Crete.

Defiantly, the report claims that the Greek explorations are encroaching on the Libyan Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), stressing that the aim is to cancel the illegal Turkish-Libyan pact.

“A step that will escalate the tension with Libya was taken by Greece. Athens announced NAVTEX breaching Libya’s exclusive economic zone," the report stated.

"It extended the fossil fuel survey areas in the direction of the coast of Libya (…) It is believed that Greece with this step aims to gauge the reaction of the Government of National Accord of Tripoli," it added.

The media outlet attacked, once again, the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, over the recent incident at the Tripoli airport.

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Nikos Dendias, once again targeted Turkey. After the diplomatic crisis caused in Tripoli by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, another step was taken by Greece that may provoke a reaction from Libya,” the report commented.

Speaking on a program of the same television network, the journalist Ismet Özcelik – and on the occasion of the military operation in Syria – directed his fire against Greece, threatening that: “Something sudden can happen in the Aegean too”.

The Turkish journalist pointed out that Turkey’s “decisiveness” in Syria is a “message” for Greece, which – according to him – disturbed our country.

"We have said it repeatedly, the determination regarding the land operation in Syria also applies to the Aegean and it shows. And in the Aegean something sudden can happen," he said.

"Besides, the fact that the loudest voice heard regarding the air operation we did in Iraq and Syria was from Greece, shows that they too were worried by this work," he added.

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