Effy Alexakis new exhibition is the visual diary of the Greek Australian story

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Documentary photographer Effy Alexakis and historian Leonard Janiszewski are undoubtedly our historians, capturing and recording the images and heritage of the Greek Australian story for over 40 years.

Now, Alexakis and Janiszewski are offering audiences the opportunity to flick through the pages of history in their new survey exhibition at The Shop Gallery in Sydney’s Glebe between 8 and 14 December.

Each photograph reflects salient aspects significant to the personal journey of the photographer and her evolving understanding of her community and heritage – both within Australia and overseas – and in so doing, provides a unique visual insight into the ongoing story of Greek-Australia.

This brief survey exhibition is Alexakis’ reflection of past work and a reveal of new projects, as
an opportunity to self-reflect and to move forward. A recent project documents the work of a
Greek Orthodox priest in Newtown. ‘Father Nektarios Soup Kitchen’ looks at the volunteers and
those that visit the church hall.

“Effy is the embodiment of humility. Her unassuming presence exudes a natural inclination to meld into the background and merely observe before being ‘discovered’ as the ‘tour de force’ that she is! Perhaps it is this very quality that makes her photography so special; her quiet discerning ability to notice the inner strengths and struggles of her fellow Greeks.” writes historian Dr John Yiannakis OAM.

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Bill Florence (Vasilis Florias) arriving in Australia 1922

‘Binding Threads’ is currently at the early stages of photography working with journalist Helen
Vatsikopoulos, “We have dressed second to fourth generation Australians in Hellenic national
costumes and photographed them to show how threads bind the past and the present creating
diasporas of belonging. Some of the participants are part-Greek, showcasing Australia’s
multiculturalism and the enduring threads of homeland and diasporic belonging.” Original
costumes photographed courtesy the Hellenic Lyceum of Sydney.

Alexakis’ new limited edition, fine art photography book, Forty Photos – A Year at a Time, will
be available.

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