Thessaloniki to Izmir ferry service suspended until summer 2023

Thessaloniki to Izmir ferry

The Thessaloniki to Izmir ferry service will be temporarily suspended after its last winter run on Wednesday and will not resume operation until the summer of 2023, Levante Ferries Group said in an announcement.

Since the start of the ferry service on October 10, 2022, the ferry 'Smyrna di Levante' had carried out 40 trips.

"The two-month operation of the service was a useful legacy for an easy and rapid resumption of the ferry service in the summer of 2023. The precise date for resuming the service in the summer of 2023 will be specified in a later announcement" the company said.

In an announcement in October when the new ferry service started, Levante Ferries said that the new ferry line "created a bridge of
communication between Greece and Turkey, which are now coming closer on a trade, social and cultural level".

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