Eurovision 2023: The way of choosing the Greek song is changing

Eurovision 2023

The next Eurovision will not be like the previous ones, since in addition to the changes announced for the song contest, the way of selecting the Greek representative will also change.

The president of ERT, Konstantinos Zoulas, was a guest on the show "Studio 4" and talked, among other things, about how to choose the song that will represent Greece in Eurovision from now on.

As he revealed, the public will now have a say in the selection process.

"We are about to take a decision that I think is in the right direction. ERT has a seven-member committee that does the first clarification of the songs, just like last year," he said initially, adding: "We are about to take and announce a decision to let the public participate in the selection process for the first time."

"We are thinking of making an open call for participation of viewers, to make an expanded committee of citizens who will come to the studio here, put on headphones, listen to the songs, vote and their vote will count as much as the EBU's," the media head continued.

"Only the public will vote in the quarter-finals, in the final the participation of the committee 49.4% and 50.6% and the public. That's what we'll do too," Zoulas concluded.

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