Kate Georgiades: Greek-American college student produces one of the best volleyball defences in history (VIDEO)

Kate Georgiades volleyball

Greek-American Kate Georgiades college student, who plays for the University of Houston's volleyball team, produced one of the best defences seen in volleyball history.

As the New York Post, wrote describing the video of the Greek-American, "Not even a table could get in the way of this monster save."

With Houston leading 2-1 as the fourth game got underway, Georgiades channeled Superwoman as she extended her body into the air before crashing onto a table to keep the point alive for the Cougars.

What’s more, Georgiades made her way back to the court a few moments later to make another play for her team.

The defense came out in the University of Houston's game against the University of South Dakota last Friday.

After the match and when asked by journalists about her defense, Georgiades replied that she had not realised that there was a table in front of her.

“I was just looking up and I didn’t even see a table there,” she said,according to KHOU-11. “I’m just thankful I got it up.”

Georgiades and the Cougars continued their tournament run over the weekend with a 3-2 win against Auburn. The fifth-seeded Houston will next face the top-seeded Stanford after advancing to the Sweet 16.

See photos of Georgiades:

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