Panos Kiamos: Why did he pursue music instead of medicine?

Panos Kiamos

Panos Kiamos was a guest on Themis Georgantas' show and in the midst of it all, spoke about why he did not pursue a career in medicine and instead became a singer.

More specifically, Kiamos noted that "I couldn't escape from school even though as a child I didn't want to read. No child wants to read."

"I chose medicine because I didn't do well with the ancients. So I read and chose it without loving it," the singer said.

"Just before we took the exams, a friend of mine was riding his bike and had an accident. Not serious but the man broke his leg. Because he was also my classmate, I went to see him and as soon as I saw him, Themis, I fainted! I don't have such a good relationship with blood," he explained.

"There was never a chance for me to do this profession. Even now I'm afraid of injections. I mean, I'm afraid of everything that has to do with blood and I'm not a doctor. So that's when I realised that medicine is the end," said the singer.

Kiamos was born on 4 October 1975 in Athens, where he spent the rest of his adolescent life. In 1994, at the age of 18, he passed the entry exams for medical school.

However, it was around the same time that he discovered his interest in music, leading to his decision to reject the medical school's offer of a scholarship. He began to learn to play the guitar, and took up music theory lessons.

Kiamos is a devout Greek Orthodox Christian and he often wears a rosary. Every time, he tries to take advantage of the holidays of 25 March or the local holiday of the feast of Saint St Andreas (patron saint of Patras, where he finds the opportunity to visit the homonymous temple, since his relationship with religion is very close.

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