James Franco is in Greece AGAIN! - He had fun in a famous night club

James Franco

James Franco openly shows his weakness for Greece, since at every opportunity he makes the transatlantic trip. A few months, after his summer vacation in the country, the Hollywood actor made sure this time to have fun at a well-known night club.

The internationally famous actor was immortalised in October at the Alsos Theatre, watching a live performance by Anna Vissi. According to Proto Thema, the actor went to the live show with his friend, Christine Krokos, a person very close to the Greek singer, since he has directed many of her video clips.

Two months later, Franco is this time with Nikos Apergis and Malou Kyriakopoulou.

The Hollywood star entertained his company with the hits of the artists until the early hours of the morning, and then he was in the dressing room to be photographed with the singers.

Look at the photos:

James Franco Greece December 2022

James Franco Greece December 2022

James Franco Greece December 2022

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